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Pico Lasers vs Q-switched Lasers for Laser Tattoo Removal

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The sale of the Pico Laser is the single best marketing campaign for a laser system the world has seen. Unfortunately this has lead to enormous promises of guaranteed results, which are now turning out to be inaccurate or even fabricated.

The ‘Pico’ laser system is sold with very few examples provided of complete removals, yet the price of this system is over TWICE the price of the Spectra XT, used at Back to Blank Laser Tattoo Removal.

At the end of the day this results in a much higher treatment cost with varying degrees of success being achieved.

Still considering the Pico? A current Class Action Law suit is being conducted in America against the Manufacturer.

Read full document here:

Pico Sure Class action- System under Scrutiny 


Document #: 1 Filed: 06/26/15 Page 10- “FIRST CAUSE OF ACTION- Negligent Misrepresentation

“41. The representations made by Cynosure that the PicoSure product would remove and eliminate tattoos were false statements of material facts. Defendant made further false statements of material facts that the PicoSure product would have the characteristic and benefit of being able to remove or eliminate tattoos with less treatments and less expense to the patients.”

Do not be fooled by ‘pico’ laser marketing!

What this means for you? Higher prices per session often more sessions than quoted for removal

Choose your provider carefully!